Create mind maps

Integrated file browser

Escape includes an integrated file browser that assists you in creating and organizing your mind map files.

On iPhone, you can create maps by tapping the add button in the bottom right corner of the file browser. On iPad and macOS, the add button is located in the top right corner.

Home Screen widget

You can also create maps directly from the Home Screen. Escape provides a widget that you can add to the Home Screen on iPadOS or to the widget sidebar on macOS. By using this widget, you can quickly create a mind map or open existing ones.

Home Screen quick actions

Tap and hold the app icon to reveal the quick actions menu, and then choose the New Map option to quickly create a map.

Quick mind maps location

The quick maps created from the widget or quick actions menu are located in the root of the Escape iCloud folder. If iCloud Drive is not enabled, the new maps are created in the root folder of your local storage.
The file name is inherited from the text of the root topic.

Edit mind maps

Creating topics

To create a new topic, simply tap and hold any existing topic for a split second. A new topic will appear, which you can then drop next to any existing topic.
On macOS, or iPadOS when using a trackpad or mouse, you can hover the cursor over any topic for a split second, and then tap one of the plus buttons that appear.

Creating tasks

To create a task within a topic, start by creating a topic. Then add a task percentage icon from the icon editor. You have the option to choose between 0%, 25%, 75%, and 100% completion for the task.
You can also set a task priority from 1 to 5 by adding a priority icon.

Editing topic content and style

You have the ability to edit various aspects of a topic. This includes editing the topic text, notes, attached links, or images. Additionally, you can adjust the topic colors, shape, and text style.

Editing a topic on iOS is similar to editing text in a notes app. The topic editor consists of a keyboard and a row of buttons, that allow you to switch between different editor sections.
To edit a topic, double-tap on the topic.

Editing a topic on macOS is similar. The topic editor is displayed in a floating panel that can be minimized by deselecting the selected editor button.
To edit a topic, double-click on the topic.

Note: You can add up to 5 icons on a topic.

Cut, copy, paste or delete topics

To paste text, links, or images, double-tap on a topic and then select the paste option. This action creates a subtopic that contains the pasted information.
When using a trackpad or mouse, simply right-click on a topic to access the context menu.

Organizing topics

You can quickly organize topics by dragging and dropping them to the desired location. When you reattach a topic to a new parent topic, a temporary line connection confirms the attachment.

Folding and unfolding topics

By tapping or clicking on a topic, you can fold or unfold its subtopics.

Note: The root topic cannot be folded.

Copying and pasting topic styles

You have the flexibility to apply a topic style to either a single topic, or multiple topics at once.

To copy or paste a topic style on a single topic, double-tap or right-click on the topic to access the context menu. From there, select the appropriate option.
If you want to apply a topic style to multiple topics simultaneously, you can choose the paste style option from the Batch Op submenu.

Batch operations

You can perform operations on multiple topics simultaneously. These operations include adding, removing, checking, or unchecking tasks, as well as sorting topics by completion, priority, or name.
You can also apply topic styles to sibling topics, topics at the same level, or to all the topics in a branch.

To perform batch operations, tap on a topic, choose the Batch Op submenu from the context menu, and then select the desired operation.
The operation will be applied to the topic itself and its siblings unless specified otherwise.

Paste or import

Pasting text, links, or images

Double-tap a topic and then choose the paste option from the context menu. Pasting on a topic creates a subtopic containing the pasted content.

When using a trackpad or mouse, simply right-click on a topic to access the paste option.

Pasting multiple items

If the pasted text contains multiple lines or if the clipboard holds multiple photos or links, the app automatically creates several subtopics. Each item from the clipboard will have its own corresponding subtopic.

Pasting into an existing topic

If you want to add text to a topic that already has text content, double-tap on the topic to begin editing, and then tap and hold the topic text until the standard context menu appears. From there, choose the paste option.

To paste notes, links or images into a topic, double-tap on the topic and then paste the content into the appropriate editor section.

Importing MindManager MMAP files

Escape utilizes MMAP as its native map format. To import MMAP files, you have two options:
You can open a MMAP file from another app by selecting the "Open in Another App" option, and then choosing Escape, or simply by dropping the MMAP files into the Escape iCloud folder.

Please note that while relationships and callouts in MMAP mind maps are currently not supported, they are preserved for round-trip editing.

Importing other formats

You can import text and OPML files. Use the option "Open in Another App" and then choose Escape, or drop the files in the Escape iCloud folder. They are automatically imported when opened.

Copy or export

Copying the text, link, or the image of a topic

Double-tap on the topic and then copy the content from the appropriate editor section. For photos, tap the share button in the photo editor and select the copy option.

When using a trackpad or mouse, simply right-click on a topic to access the copy option.

Copying outline text

To copy the outline text representing a branch of topics, double-tap on the root topic and choose the copy option from the context menu. This action will copy the text of the topic and its subtopics to the clipboard, organized into indented outline levels.

Export/Share maps

You can share your mind maps as MindManager MMAP, outline text, PDF, or PNG.

To export or share a mind map from the file browser, simply tap and hold, or right-click, on the desired mind map file. Then, select an action from the share screen that appears.
If you want to share an open map directly, you can tap or click the share button located on the navigation bar.

Export/Share topic photo

To export or share a topic photo, access the photo editor section for the specific topic, and then tap or click the share button available in the editor.

Keyboard shortcuts

Creating topics

ReturnCreate sibling topic
Shift-ReturnCreate sibling topic before
TabCreate child topic
Shift-TabCreate child topic before
(Works on the root topic in mind map mode)

Editing topics

Command-ReturnBegin editing topic
EscEnd editing topic
Shift-ReturnInsert line break
Shift-TabInsert tab

Cut, copy, paste or delete topics

Command-CCopy the topic
Command-XCut the topic
Command-VPaste on the topic
DeleteDelete topic

Copy, paste or reset topic styles

Option-Command-CCopy topic style
Option-Command-VPaste the topic style from clipboard
Option-Command-RReset topic style

Moving selection

Arrow UpMove selection up
Arrow DownMove selection down
Arrow LeftMove selection left
Arrow RightMove selection right
Command-Arrow UpMove selection to top
Command-Arrow DownMove selection to bottom
Option-ClickSelect topic

Moving topics

Option-Arrow UpMove topic up
Option-Arrow DownMove topic down
Option-Arrow LeftMove topic left
Option-Arrow RightMove topic right
Option-Command-Arrow UpMove topic to top
Option-Command-Arrow DownMove topic to bottom

Folding or unfolding topics

SpaceFold or unfold topic
Shift-SpaceFold or unfold siblings


Command-TAdd task on topic
Option-Command-TRemove task from topic
Command-YCheck topic
Option-Command-YUncheck topic

Batch tasks

Shift-Command-TAdd task on sibling topics
Option-Shift-Command-TRemove task from sibling topics
Shift-Command-YCheck sibling topics
Option-Shift-Command-YRemove task from sibling topics


Command-1Set priority 1
Command-2Set priority 2
Command-3Set priority 3
Command-4Set priority 4
Command-5Set priority 5
Option-Command-1Remove priority
Option-Command-2Remove priority
Option-Command-3Remove priority
Option-Command-4Remove priority
Option-Command-5Remove priority

Batch priorities

Option-Command-1Set priority 1 on sibling topics
Option-Command-2Set priority 2 on sibling topics
Option-Command-3Set priority 3 on sibling topics
Option-Command-4Set priority 4 on sibling topics
Option-Command-5Set priority 5 on sibling topics

Text styles

Command-BSet bold font
Command-ISet italic font
Command-USet underline font
Option-Command-USet strikethrough font
Command-=Increase font size
Command--Decrease font size
Command-0Reset font size
Command-[Align text left
Command-]Align text right
Command-\Align text center

Batch text styles

Shift-Command-BSet bold text on sibling topics
Shift-Command-ISet italic text on sibling topics
Shift-Command-USet underline text on sibling topics
Option-Shift-Command-USet strikethrough text on sibling topics
Shift-Command-=Increase font size on sibling topics
Shift-Command--Decrease font size on sibling topics
Shift-Command-0Reset font size on sibling topics
Shift-Command-[Align text left on sibling topics
Shift-Command-]Align text right on sibling topics
Shift-Command-\Align text center on sibling topics

Canvas zoom

Option-Command-+Zoom in
Option-Command--Zoom out
Option-Command-0Reset zoom level

Controlling Escape from other apps

Custom URL scheme

Escape supports a custom URL scheme, which enables communication between Escape and other apps, allowing them to trigger specific actions.
The following actions are available through the custom URL scheme:

Create map

This action creates a new map either in the root folder of the Escape iCloud folder, or in the root folder of your local storage, if iCloud Drive is not enabled. escapeapp://newMap
The 'name' parameter is percent encoded. If this parameter is not present, the name of the mind map file is inherited from the text of the root topic.

Example: escapeapp://newMap?name=Project%20ideas

Open last used map

This action opens the most recently accessed mind map. escapeapp://openMap

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