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Notes, Links, Tasks and Photos
  • Add Notes, Links and Photos.
  • Add longer text as supplementary notes.
  • Drag & drop content from other apps directly onto your maps (iPadOS).
  • Create maps from templates.


Organize Notes
  • Organize topics into infinite Nested Lists.
  • Refine ideas using simple drag & drop gestures.
  • Focus on the task at hand by folding lists and sublists.
  • Infinite canvas and Automatic topic layout.


Highlight Topics
  • Highlight key topics using Colors, Shapes and Icons.
  • Style text as Bold, Italic, Underline and Strikethrough.
  • Align left, center and right.

Track progress

Manage Tasks
  • Manage tasks (Priority & Percentage complete).
  • Create tasks and subtasks in an infinite hierarchy.
  • Sort tasks by priority or percentage complete.
  • Automatically keep tasks sorted.

Share & Present

Share & Present
  • No locked-in data. Mind maps are saved in the widely used MindManager format (MMAP), and can be edited by most mind mapping apps.
  • Share mind maps as Outline Text, PNG & PDF.
  • Import OPML & text files.

Full iOS integration

iOS integration
  • Save notes on iCloud and have them synchronized between your iPhone and iPad.
  • Create new maps and open recent maps directly from home screen using Today widget.
  • Search and open your maps from Spotlight.
  • Handoff - start on one device and continue on another.

PRO add-on

PRO add-on
  • Work faster using Batch Operations. You can add, remove, check and uncheck multiple tasks at once, or sort them by completion, priority or name.
  • Black theme finely tuned for taking notes in dark environments.
  • Custom URL scheme for integration with other iOS apps.
  • Pricing & Terms

Integration with other apps

Integration with other apps
  • Import from Workflowy and other outliners: Paste tabbed text directly onto your maps.
  • Copy tabbed text from maps and paste it into other apps.
  • Other apps can instruct Escape to create new maps or open recent maps.

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