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Escape Mind Map & Outlines App for iOS & macOS
Notes, Links, Tasks and Photos

Jot down & Collect

  • Add notes, tasks, links & images.
  • Add supplementary notes.
  • Drag & drop content from other apps.
  • Create mind maps from templates.
Organize Notes

Organize & Structure

  • Visually organize topics into lists and sublists.
  • Refine ideas using simple drag & drop.
  • Fold topics and get the bird's eye view.
Highlight Topics

Highlight & Style

  • Highlight topics using markers, shapes and colors.
  • Style and align text.
  • Customize edge styles and thickness.
  • Customize map layout.
Manage Tasks

Track your progress

  • Set task priority and percentage complete.
  • Create infinite levels of subtasks.
  • Sort tasks by priority or percentage complete.
  • Automatically keep tasks sorted and cross off completed tasks.
Share & Present

Share & Collaborate

  • Mind maps are saved as MMAP (MindManager document format). This format is widely used in professional mind mapping and is supported by most mind mapping apps.
  • Export mind maps as MD, OPML, outline text, PNG & PDF with live checkboxes.
  • Import MD, TextBundle, OPML and text files.
iOS integration

iOS integration

  • Home screen widget and lock screen widget.
  • Search and open mind maps from Spotlight.
  • Handoff - start mind mapping on one device and continue on another.
  • Sketch, annotate images and scribble notes using the Apple Pencil.
PRO add-on

PRO add-on

  • Outliner
  • Batch operations.
    Apply text styles, colors and shapes at once.
    Add, remove, check and uncheck multiple tasks at once, or set priorities.
  • Sort tasks by completion, priority or alphabetically.
  • Draw using Apple Pencil or your finger.
  • Export mind maps as MD, OPML, PNG or PDF with live checkboxes.
  • Deep Black theme tuned for taking notes in dark environments.
  • Custom URL scheme.
  • Siri Shortcuts and and App Actions
  • Pricing & Terms
Integration with other apps

Integration with other apps

  • Import from Workflowy, Dynalist and other outliners.
  • Paste outline text directly into your mind maps.
  • Copy outline text from mind maps and paste it into other apps.
  • Other apps can direct Escape to create new mind maps or open recent ones.

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