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Escape is your place to jot down notes & ideas, connect and develop them, and bring them to life.
Escape Mind Map & Outlines App for iOS & macOS
Add notes, ideas, goals & to‑dos on iPhone
Brainstorm & annotate notes on iPhone
Organize & structure ideas on iPhone
Plan & track projects on iPhone
Export mind map to PNG, PDF & MMAP on iPhone

Plan and organize about anything

Notes, tasks, links and images

Escape combines the simplicity of note‑taking apps with the creative power of mind mapping, to create a unique visual brainstorming and thinking tool.

Brainstorm visually. Connect ideas. Take decisions.
Get the things done

Giving a presentation? Map the structure and keep everyone focused, and on the same page.

Present structured ideas on iOS

Make an argument map about whether to build a private cloud or use a public cloud.

Create argument maps on iOS

Make your planning visual. It greatly benefits project planning and status meetings.

Plan & track projects using mind maps
Escape Outliner App on iPad

Linear ‭‭⭤ Non-Linear Thinking

Powerful Outliner

Brainstorm ideas in outliner if you like to work in a linear, structured approach, or brainstorm in a mind map, then switch to outliner for project organization and execution.

Outline your thoughts or prepare notes for a speech. Write long-form articles and essays. Create daily notes in a bullet journal.

Create checklists and templates, daily to‑dos, shopping lists, travel packing lists or project checklists.

Sketch ideas on iPad using Apple Pencil

Pencil Integration

Draw and Scribble

Sketch ideas and annotate images using the Apple Pencil or your finger.

Directly scribble your thoughts onto the infinite canvas.

How people
use mind mapping

The visual nature of mind maps makes it easy to structure, organize and develop ideas. It gives you bird's-eye view and details view, all in the same package. What is mind mapping?

Snippets of text, links, pictures, tasks or to‑dos, they all fit in a mind map. Mind mapping is a flexible and powerful way to organize and understand information, in a visual, hierachical way.

Jot them down without worrying for structure, and organize them later by drag & drop. Get your idea and break it into small, actionable parts, then get it done.

Here's some mind map templates and examples to get you started.


What's your next idea?

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