Get things done.

Escape is your place to jot down notes & ideas, connect and develop them, and bring them to life.

Escape Mind Map & Outlines App for iOS & macOS
Add notes, ideas, tasks & to‑dos on iPhone
Brainstorm & annotate notes on iPhone
Organize & structure ideas on iPhone
Plan & track projects on iPhone
Export mind map to PNG, PDF & MMAP on iPhone

Plan and keep track

Organize notes, tasks and ideas into clear visual outlines

Escape combines the simplicity of note‑taking apps with the creative power of mind mapping, to create a unique visual brainstorming and thinking tool.

Brainstorm visually. Connect ideas. Take decisions.

Make your planning visual. It greatly benefits project planning and status meetings.

Present structured ideas on iOS

Giving a presentation? Map the structure and keep everyone focused, and on the same page.

Plan & track projects using mind maps

Do you like reading? Collect quotes and notes from articles and books, and then visualize the information.

Create argument maps on iOS

Infinite canvas outlining

Keep organized with the powerful outliner

Full-featured outliner.We built the outliner on par with the mind mapping mode. You can add, edit, style, and reorder topics, assign tasks, and sort by alphabet, priority, or completion.

Expandable page.The page width expands as needed to prevent squeezing the notes on the last levels, thanks to the infinite canvas technology.

Escape Outliner App on iPad

Pencil 💚 Mind Mapping

Sketch and scribble

Sketch and annotate images using the Apple Pencil, or your finger. Scribble your notes on the infinite canvas.

Sketch ideas on iPad using Apple Pencil

How people
use mind mapping

⒈ Visualize: The visual nature of mind maps makes it easy to structure, organize and develop ideas. It gives you both a bird's-eye view and detailed perspective, empowering your creative journey or day to day tasks.

⒉ Organize: Jot down your ideas without regard for structure, and organize them later with simple drag & drop.

⒊ Get Things Done: Break down your ideas into bite-sized, actionable steps, and make things happen.

Start mind mapping with our templates

What's your next idea?

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