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Escape is your place to jot down notes & ideas, connect and develop them, and follow up the projects.
Escape Mind Map App for iOS

What is this about?

MIND MAPPING is a natural way of plotting ideas.
It emphasizes their content as well as how they interconnect.

Who is it for?

  • People with lots of ideas and tasks on their hands
  • People who take notes during courses and presentations
  • People brainstorming and outlining creative content
  • People juggling with checklists and to-do’s
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Plan and organize about anything

Nested notes & tasks at your fingertips

Escape combines the simplicity and elegance of a note‑taking app with the visual appeal of mind mapping to create a unique idea processing tool.

Escape Outliner App on iPad
View as outline text

There's 3 note-taking methods that work very well: Mind Mapping, Outlines, and Cornell method.

We’ve got you covered on the first 2 - we built in a full-featured Outliner.
It helps you sort through the things, and follow up tasks and checklists. It also makes easier working on longer texts like essays and articles.

Show, don't tell

Create infographics and present information in a compelling and effective way.

Mind map example

How people
use mind mapping

The visual nature of mind maps makes it easy to review, organize and develop ideas. It gives you bird's-eye view and helps you to spot patterns and unseen connections. What is mind mapping?

Here's some templates and mind map examples to learn how to make a mind map.

What's your next idea?

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