Editing mindmaps

Create topics

Tap and hold any topic, until a new topic appears, then drag & drop it to its parent's side.

Create tasks

Add a task percentage icon on any new or existing topic. You can choose between 0%, 25%, 75% and 100% percentage complete.

Edit topics/Adjust style

Double-tap the topic.

Cut, copy, paste or delete topics

Double-tap the topic and choose the option from the context menu.

Organize topics

Drag & drop any topic to where you want to place it. A red line connection confirms when the topic is attached to a parent topic.

Fold and unfold topics

Tap any topic to fold and unfold its sub-topics.
Note: The root topic cannot be folded.

Batch operations

You can apply the same operation at once on all sibling topics. You can add, remove, check and uncheck multiple tasks at once, or sort topics by priority or name.
Tap any topic and chose an operation from the context menu option “Batch Op”. The operation is applied on the topic itself and all its siblings.

Paste or Import

Paste pictures, text or links

Pasting on a topic creates a child topic containing the pasted info.
If you want to paste into a topic, edit the topic and paste the info into the relevant editor section.

Import maps

Escape app can open maps in MindManager format (MMAP). Use "Open in Another App" option or drop maps in Escape folder in iCloud.
Note: Org-chart and tree style maps created in MindManager are loaded as mindmaps but the layout is preserved when saving modifications. Relationships and callouts are currently not supported but they are preserved for round-tripping maps.

Copy or Export

Copy pictures, text or links

Edit the topic containing the info you need, and copy the info from the relevant editor section. For pictures, tap the share button and choose copy option.

Copy outline text

Double-tap a topic and choose copy option from the context menu. The text of the topics included in the branch is copied to the clipboard, organized into logical outline levels.

Export/Share maps

Mindmaps can be shared as MMAP, Outline text, PNG & PDF.
In the File Browser, tap More Options (•••) button on the navigation bar or swipe left on a file, then pick an action from the share screen.
Or tap the share button on the navigation bar while editing a map.

Share topic pictures

Tap the share button in the picture editor.



For viewing mindmaps on desktop you can use MindManager Viewer.


Restart editing tips from Help & Info section on the first screen of the app.


Some of the features are included in the PRO add-on, available as in-app subscription. There is a 1-month test period when you can check them freely. Please see Subscription Terms for more details.

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