Visual notes for
people who can't draw

Escape is your place where you collect ideas, notes & tasks, develop and refine them, and follow up their implementation.
Escape Mind Mapping

What is this about?

MIND MAPPING is a visual technique that enables you to quickly organize ideas in a way that makes them fast to access and expand. It emphasizes the content as well as the relationships between the material.

Who is it for?

  • People with lots of ideas and tasks on their hands
  • People who take notes during courses and presentations
  • People brainstorming and outlining creative content
  • People juggling with checklists and to-do’s
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You had a vision.
Or a plan. Or an idea.

The visual nature of mind maps makes it easy to review, organize and develop ideas. It gives you bird's-eye view and helps you to spot patterns and unseen connections.


Outline Mode

There are three notes-taking styles that work very well: mind mapping, outlines, and Cornell method.

We’ve got you covered on the first two - we built in a fully-featured outline mode. It helps you sort through the things, and follow up tasks and checklists. It also makes easier writing longer texts like essays and articles.

Visual Notes & Tasks Collect notes, links and photos.

Highlight key topics using colors, shapes and icons.

Track tasks (priority & percentage complete).

Refine ideas using simple drag & drop gestures.
Mindjet Mindmanager mindmap format Focus on the task at hand by folding and unfolding branches of notes.

No locked-in data. Mind maps are saved in the widely used MindManager format (MMAP), and can be edited by most mind mapping apps.
Share mindmaps as MMAP, PDF & outline Save notes on iCloud and have them synchronized between your iPhone and iPad.

Share mind maps as MMAP, Outline text, PNG & PDF.

Create maps from templates.

Import OPML & text files.
Sort Notes & Tasks Work faster using batch operations. You can add, remove, check and uncheck multiple tasks at once, or sort them by priority or name.

Black theme finely tuned for taking notes in dark environments.

iOS Spotlight and Handoff integration.

How people
use mind-mapping

It is a flexible concept that fits the way our thinking process works. You start with a main idea then branch out connected ideas, fleshing out more and more details.

Escape is a mind mapping and outlining tool for iOS, that helps you brainstorm and collect thoughts, ideas, notes and tasks, and organize them with ease.
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